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Even though summer seems to be over, Anti Fashion Party will make the sun shine again on the 18th of October!!! Anti Fashion Party, the dress up babydoll of DJ Wannabe A Star & fashion designer Bas Kosters, will tear the roof up at De Nieuwe Anita during the Amsterdam Dance Event on the 18th of October!!!

DJ Wannabe A Star will celebrate her 18th birthday in the Disco Bar with a glitter line-up with dj’s like Riptide, The Disctwins, Johanna Maria, Strange Boutique, Alex Kaseta and Shirley Macciolina!!! Also the entrance will be free from 20.00-21.21!!! Yes you read that well, free, free FREEE!!!!

Meanwhile in the Dancing things will get dirty!!! Anti Fashion Party celebrates uniqueness, individuality and creativity with dj’s Mason, FashionPack, Wannabe A Star & Kinky Rinky, Doppelgang, 2CV, MR. Monsieur, Volumetric + NY Fan will perform live!!!

As a cherry on the cake and closure of the night Feest DJ Bassie will play Hollands most biggest hits ever!!!

Like always our lovely Bas Kosters Studio dancers will entertain you all night!!!

Grab that party hat, wear that birthday suit and get wild at Anti Fashion Party the 18th of October at De Nieuwe Anita from 20.00 till 1.30.

Free cake & entrance between 20.00-21.21.

Door damage after 21.21 € 6.99.

Cocktails & nudity at your own risk.

De Nieuwe Anita is located at Frederik Hendrikstraat 111 in Amsterdam. See ya!!!!!!

FYI: The management behold the right to party as well.

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Yeah let’s enjoy one more time and one more time and another more time!!!! Thanks to all the great performers, Monsieur Plastique, Shirley Macciolina & Bas Kosters crew without you there’s no Anti Fashion Party. Many thanks as well to Joost van Bellen, Valtifest (Michel, Laura, Kevin, Sayori & Pauline and everybody else in the Valti crew) and Peter at Club NYX for having us!




Fashion is buried and Anti Fashion Party has risen from it’s grave and throws the biggest and baddest Anti Fashion Party ever on the 11th of July!!! Anti Fashion Party is the best party in the world and is always different than most other parties. Anti Fashion Party is organised twice a year by super designer Bas Kosters and super dj Wannabe A Star during Amsterdam Fashion Week. Anti Fashion Party screams every season and is created with an out of the coffin mentality. So wipe away those tears, blow your nose and wear that grieving designer black till it falls apart!!!

Anti Fashion Party never fails in killer line-ups. This time we have some wild style gravediggers ready for ya’ll at our favourite cemetery; Club NYX!

First of all in our Funreal Home we have ”The Twins” that rock every designer catwalk all over the world. They go by the name of Doppelgang and they shake their hair like they really don’t care!!!

Our mother of death is our beloved Wannabe A Star. She sets the dance floor on fire and burns it to ashes! Be aware!

Forget the cake, leave the dirt and just gogo! When FashionPack (Kosters & Hart) turns the wheel of steel, there’s no return. Let’s dance into the light!!!

In the hell hole there for sure is no tomorrow and you’ll drown into sorrow. Hell no, no sorrow!!! With some drop dead disco and synth pop there’s no way you can stop! Party all night with our immortal devils Martin Duvall and Ravage! Ravage!.

The stairways to heaven will lead you to an always returning area of the evening. Where the shit comes out will be entertaining and the most pleasant place to release yourself. Volumetric: Kiri Mioqi & Cuenta Excellenta will be your guiding light in this hell of a night!!!

Fabulous fashion griever Elio Heres will give you some of that good and entertaining stuff. Created from nothing, rising from the ashes into a spectacular performance with his crew of gravetastic dancers.

Anti Fashion Party is a cheap funeral where every mourning guest chips in to a life lasting memory. There are no hipster lists, but merely black sheep. Be different, wear your granny’s favourite funeral dress and enjoy! For only € 10,- you can be a part of all this action at Club NYX. Come on time to prevent yourself from heavy traffic at the door. Party starts at 23.00 and ends at 5.00.






Yeah yeah YEAH we’re back with a spectacular new party! Anti Fashion Party, always different than most, makes every Amsterdam Fashion Week memorable!!! So grab a pen and mark your agenda black on 11th of July for our Fashion Funeral party at Club NYX! We’ve got a killer line-up over 3 floors!!! So not to be missed and even when you take a piss, there will be entertainment!

Anti fashion party #16

Bas Kosters at Riele Shop!

Don’t miss out on Bas Kosters his opening night of his pop-up shop tomorrow. Not only loads of great fashion by Bas, but also some super great tunes provided by Wannabe A Star10253753_10152306893571273_2015074010683586157_n! You know you want it!


AFP FLYER FINAL BACKThe best party in the world is back! Bas Kosters and DJ Wannabe A Star will host a renewed Anti Fashion Party on the 24th of January at club NYX!

It’s the 15th time that Anti Fashion Party will be held during Amsterdam Fashion Week. It’s starting to become quite a tradition. Like always, you’ll dance your ass off to a whammer slammer line-up.

To begin with the ultimate hotness and fresh from the surgery table line-up. Nobody Beats The Drum will entertain you with a facelifting dj set! FashionPack fashionable as always, DJ Hart & DJ Kosters, will make you dance to the latest sounds in celebrity land. A fresh and new polished DJ Wannabe A Star makes you twerk and twirl on the dance floor and Miss Bunty will be there to guide you into an anesthetic state of mind.

Anti Fashion Party is an all-inclusive party so there’s lots more!!! On the second floor you can let your inner lesbian go wild at the ”Lesbi A Go Go Fashion Wedding”. Hosted by fashion celebrity dj’s Aynouk Tan & Mylou Oord. Even at the ”Sun Valley Toilet Area” you can shake your butt with Grumpy Old Men and MC Poepke. MC Poepke will be spilling those rhymes like there’s no time to flush. Of course the world famous Bas Kosters dancers will be there and also a celebrity designer to show off the latest in anti fashion.

When you think you’ve seen all crazy party themes already, well think again! Probably this is the best one you will ever see: ”Cunty Celebrities At The Holiday Inn”! Think in the likes of Pamela Anderson’s latest boob job, Miley Cyrus her much needed ass lift or even Ke$ha’s Jack Daniels brushed teeth. You even have the chance to win the celebrity look-alike contest and shine like the star you are!

So did you also have enough of all these repeating fashion trends? Or do you just wanna show off your hot twerking skills? Well then it would be lovely to see you pose at the 15th Anti Fashion Party the 24th of January at Club NYX in Amsterdam. Door damage will be only E10,- for an ultimate plastic orgasm!

Picture by Marc Deurloo




Great trashy news!!! Anti Fashion Party is going to host the “After” exhibition of Cleo Campert during ADE on saturday 19 October from 20.00-0.00!!! You know it’s gonna be a blast. Just after dinner before clubbing, coma  hang out at our after party which is an exhibition by early RoXY photographer Cleo Campert. She exposes after party pics she shot in the wild nineties. Check out our Facebook event and make sure you attend!!!

It’s a free event, but at the door you have to tell our door host that you love her or she will not let you through! After party music inputs comes from Mike Mago, Henzel & Disco Nova, Strange Boutique, Doppelgang, FashionPack and of course Wannabe A Star.

Come after with us at Magazijn Oudezijds Voorburgwal 153, Amsterdam 19/10!!!






Anti Fashion Party is the answer for everybody to escape from all the fashion blabla during the Fashion blabla Week in Amsterdam. Sassy assy entertainment, cheap booze and kick ass music played by kick ass arists. Do not hesitate, but participated in a night filled with fun, color, music and excitement!
If you think you’ve seen it all, Anti Fashion Party mom and dad aka DJ Wannabe A Star & Bas Kosters (see picture) come up with something more anti than ever. Their love child, the Anti Fashion Party, has already grown into the age of 6 and is up for some hot sexy fast food. With the simplest and most tasty dress code ever. “Nudist Pizza Gang Bang” will not even make your mouth water, but will also increase your libido…well at least for one night at the OT301.

Anti-Fashion Party #13

Dear Anti-Fashion Lovers,

We proudly present : Anti-Fashion Party #13: Acid, Poop, Gangsta’ Punk !!

This amazing party will be a pre-fashion week event that will take place at the 19th of January, for all of you partypigs who can’t wait to put out the flowers.

You know what they say: When the cat leaves his home, the mice will dance on the table!